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  Sikkim Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Limited ( SIDICO ) was incorporated on 13th March 1977 under the Registration of Companies Act, Sikkim, 1961 as a State Level Financial Institution engaged in promotion, financing and development of industries in tiny, cottage and small sector in the state of Sikkim.  

SIDICO will continue to catalyze the process of State and Nation building through continued efforts in helping our customers help themselves and by reinventing ourselves to further improve and boost the financial system of the State.

  Financial assistance is made available by the Corporation for fixed assets such as land, building, plant & machinery etc. with an ultimate objective of setting up of industries in the State. The upper limit for grant of loan is Rs.90.00 lakhs for industrial units subject to refinance from SIDBI. Term loans are extended to new units, diversification, modernization and rehabilitation programmes.  

Sikkim Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. Sikkim, India
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